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Write for Us & Get Paid: It’s $50+ to Write Best Content Now

Learn WP Tutorials now accepts and welcomes guest contributions to our blog.

Learn WP Tutorials is a WordPress Self Learning Resource blog that is experiencing incredible growth. We would love it if you joined us as a guest post contributor. Our community group has most people from India, so we were hoping you could write for us, keeping Indian users in mind.

Write For Us

Write For Us & Get paid


If you are passionate about writing and helping people through your WordPress skills, this is a big chance to share your knowledge with our rapidly growing community. 

Writing a guest post or article on our site means getting your name out in front of a vast, relevant audience that can help you build your online reputation as an expert in your domain. And apart from the overall exposure, enjoy the site traffic and backlinks to your website.

Wait, it’s not just overall exposure, site traffic, and backlink. We also pay for the guest posts. Yes, we do pay for our guest posts as we believe in paying for your hard work. So since we are paying, we are very stringent with our guidelines. We are very picky, so we filter and pick only content that is purely useful for the users and rich in value.

So Want to have your work featured here? Or Write for Us and get paid? Awesome! Please check the topics we are interested in and also check the guidelines mentioned below.

Guest Post Topics We Are Interested In

We are interested and you can write to us in anything of the following topics:

Guest Post Guidelines

Note: We keep or retain the copyright of every post published by all authors on our blog. If the article is approved, you cannot republish your work elsewhere.

Also, make sure to use the word “David & Goliath” somewhere in your pitch. That way, we will know you’ve read the guidelines till the end. Our mailbox will automatically filter your post submissions. So if the above word is not found in the pitch, you may not receive a response from us (because the email filter will delete it automatically).

Waiting time to Publish Your Guest Post

We read and go through all your post submissions. If you have sent it, we’ll read it! And you’ll get an answer too via email. However sometimes:

Payment Structure for Guest Post

We will pay you for your hard work. Here’s our payment structure:


Once we accept to publish your content, we will use PayPal to reward your hard work. If, by chance, you do not have a PayPal account, then set it up. It’s an easy and quick process.  

Let's Get Started!

By working together and writing WordPress-related articles, we can grow and build a robust online community.

Looking Forward to see your pitch and value driven content.

In case of any other issues apart from write to us, you can contact us via the options given in contact page.

Jackson Monichan
Team Learn WP Tutorials

Write For Us & Get Paid

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We believe you have a lot to offer, and we are excited to see it! So use the below form and submit a guest post for our Learn WP Tutorials blog.

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We believe you and your friends, colleagues, your inner circle group members have a lot to offer, and we are excited to see it!  Share our write for us and get paid page on your social media and let your friends also have an exposure through our blog to our fast growing community.

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