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6 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress 2023(Free & Premium)


Are you looking to add more functionality to the Elementor page builder? Then read on, as we’re taking a look at the 6 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress in 2023 (Free and Premium) available in the market.

If you are still confused and want to know more about What is Elementor page builder? What are the Elementor ThemesWhat are the Elementor Templates? Read our previous articles first to get the basics right.

There’s no doubt, Elementor is one of the leading page builders out there for WordPress users. It’s easy, feature-filled, and extendable. Almost any newbie can go ahead and create a stunning website within a couple of hours with the drag and drop front end builder.

Still, it is a common thing; we never get satisfied to the fullest. We always want more. So, despite Elementor giving 85+ great widgets or elements, you may want something even more superior & different elementor widgets for your perusal. 

In this article, let’s dig into Elementor Addons’ world, starting with the basics first. If you want to skip the basics and directly check the 6 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress in 2023 (Free and Premium), use the table of contents to jump straight to that specific section.

What are Elementor Addons?

In simple words, Addons extend the Elementor page builder’s functionality.

The fact that Elementor is free and open source has enabled developers to increase Elementor functionalities even further. Elementor has also released the Elementor API, which includes comprehensive information on extending Elementor and creating elementor addons and extensions.

This is why capable third-party developers have decided to expand the Elementor functionalities even further & develop their Elementor Addons.

So Elementor Addons are 3rd party plugins explicitly developed for the Elementor platform by talented, third-party developers. They increase the Elementor’s functionality and enhance the user’s experience with new features. Also, remember that you can’t use addons without Elementor Page Builder.

Do I need Elementor addons?

The answer is a Yes and No as it depends on your use case. Elementor Addons are not mandatory for your design or page, but if you would like to enhance your web page design with cool features, then you should try them out.

Elementor Pro is also like an addon plugin but gives even more features in one easy-to-use package provided by these different addons.

Are these addons free?

In simple words, it’s more like a Freemium (Free + Premium) plugin. Some plugins are free, and some are not. You can find the free addons in the WordPress plugin directory and install them for free on your WordPress. Users can purchase the paid or premium elementor addons directly from the third-party developer’s website.

Does Elementor provide support for Addons?

It’s an obvious No! The Third-party developers developed the addons, and so Elementor won’t support them. 

Yes, there is a Premium support system by Elementor for the Pro Users, but they won’t give you support for addons that Elementor did not directly develop.

If you’re encountering any such addon issue, please contact the developer or company that developed it or the website from where you purchased it.

How do I add addons to Elementor?

It’s as simple as installing and activating any other plugin in WordPress.

  1. On your WordPress Website Dashboard, Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for desired free elementor addon plugin 
  3. Install the plugin you like.
  4. Activate the Plugin.

If you use Elementor and want to increase the design features, look at the below list of 6 Best Free and Premium Elementor Addons and select the one that fits you the best!

6 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress 2023 (Free & Premium)

Elementor Header, Footer & Blocks Template (Free)

elementor widgets

The Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks Template is the addon plugin that allows you to create a header, footer, and blocks template dynamically. 

Yes, you could go ahead and create a custom header and footer with the plugin in your elementor editor for your website, and you can set that template as your default header or footer. Yes, You might not need Elementor Pro to create a custom header and footer and can do the job for free with this plugin. Also, You can even insert these templates anywhere on the website.

This plugin comes with some inbuilt widgets necessary for header creation like Site logo, Title, Tagline, Nav Menu, WooCommerce Menu Cart, and Copyright elements. You have the full right to do so whatever you want to control the appearance of the header. You can even manage the mobile responsive layout of your custom header.

You can find the option to create a new custom header footer or block option in the Appearance menu. Click Add New and then define the custom settings as to whether it’s header or footer and then edit it with elementor, that’s it. 

There are Display conditions and user roles settings to control whom to show and whom not to show, where to show and where not to show the designed templates.

For Custom Blocks – Copy the shortcode and paste it anywhere on your website. Your designed template will display automatically. 

Brainstorm Force is the team that has developed this addon plugin, the same team that has created the Astra and Astra Pro WordPress Theme. So it’s 100% compatible with Astra and other significant themes out there in the market.


It’s Free!!!! Yes, This plugin is free to download from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory.

Elementor Header & Footer Blocks – Download 

Essential Addons for Elementor (Free & Premium)

essential addons for elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor is one of the topmost and best elementor addon, which is good to go with required widgets for a website. 

It’s currently the Most Popular Elementor Addons that’s powering up 900,000+ WordPress websites. It will work with any theme where the Elementor plugin works.

This plugin allows you to enhance your Elementor page builder’s experience and provide you with access to 40+ Free creative widgets and extensions, which are the most useful elements to build a better design experience.

The Premium Version has around 29+ more elementor widgets & elements.

Out of all these 40+ widgets, you can enable or disable each element to make your web page load quicker by deactivating the unnecessary widgets to keep the website lite.


This Free version of the Essential Addons for Elementor plugin is available in the WordPress.org plugin directory. 

The Premium version of the Essential Addons for Elementor starts at $39.97 for one website with one year of support and updates.

Essential Addons for Elementor – Visit Website / Check Demos

AnyWhere Elementor (Free & Premium)

elementor addons plugin

AnyWhere Elementor addon enables you to insert elementor built pages, library templates, and global templates anywhere on the website using shortcodes. You can also create a global section and insert the same at multiple places. 

What is best the part about AnyWhere Elementor is – 

So Say, for example, you want to make a change in content, and you have already added the shortcode of the global section at multiple places on your website. In the above scenario, you don’t have to go to numerous places on your website to change the content. You can make the change at one central location, and it will reflect wherever the shortcode is present.

The free version lets you do two crucial things:

  • You can Insert Elementor templates anywhere on your site by using shortcodes.
  • You can Create global widgets that you can use in multiple places. To update or change at all locations, you need to edit the global widget once.

There is a pro version of this plugin. It provides much more extra functionality such as global post layouts, post archive templates, category, search page layout, 404 page & taxonomy templates. AnyWhere Elementor Pro also comes with WooCommerce Product, Category Layouts, and Global layouts for Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies.

However, it’s still cheaper than purchasing Elementor Pro.


The Free version of the AnyWhere Elementor plugin is available at the WordPress.org plugin directory. 

The AnyWhere Elementor Pro plugin starts at $25 for a single site license with support and updates for a year. It goes up to $99 for unlimited sites, with an option to buy a lifetime license for $249.

AnyWhere Elementor – Visit Website 

Premium Add-ons for Elementor (Free & Premium)

premium addons for elementor

Premium Add-ons by Leap 13 is another widget + template bundle for Elementor page builder. It hosts 55+ highly customisable elementor addons widgets. Apart from these widgets, you have 300+ pre-designed elementor page templates. 

This plugin features Lottie Animations, Image hotspots, Tables & Data, Charts & Graphs, which are growing lists of new addons and widgets.

The Total Active Installation Number on WordPress.org is 4,00,000+.

One highlighted feature for this add on is that it’s WPML translation ready, i.e. you can quickly build multilingual websites. Above that, The plugin is also modular and lightweight. You get an options panel that will enable or disable selective elements for faster website performance. 


The Free version of the Premium Addons for Elementor plugin is available at the WordPress.org plugin directory. 

The Premium Addons for Elementor Pro plugin starts at $39 for a single site license with support and updates for a year. It goes up to $79/year for unlimited sites, with an option to buy a lifetime license for $199.

Premium Addons for Elementor – Visit Website / Check Elementor Templates Demos

The Plus Addons (Free & Premium)

best elementor addons

When it comes to The Plus Addons for elementor, you likely won’t find one with more options in the elementor addons world. It’s packed with over 100+ Supreme Elementor Widgets, 20+ Elementor Templates, 300+ Section Blocks and Amazing Listing Builder for Post Types to surprise your clients with unique Websites. It’s an all-in-one extension for the famous elementor website builder.

This addon plugin is an easy way to build and customise your Elementor powered site fast. 

Curious to know what widgets are included in the plugin? 


The Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder Lite is available for Free at the WordPress.org plugin directory. 

The Plus Addons for Elementor Pro plugin starts at $39 for a single site license with support and updates for a year. It goes up to $119/year for unlimited sites, with an option to buy a lifetime license for a single website at $99 and unlimited websites at $399 for a lifetime.

The Plus Addons for Elementor – Visit Website

Element Pack (Free & Premium)

element pack elementor addons, element pack pro, free elementor addons

The Element Pack Addon for Elementor Page Builder is a comprehensive and highly regarded web solution, making it one of the top choices for enhancing your WordPress website using an elementor website builder and an elementor addon. It equips you with essential web development tools that simplify the entire web-building process.

With Element Pack, you gain access to over 285+ widgets, 315 Ready Pages, 1800+ Ready Blocks, and 300+ Header & Footer essential elements that cater to everyday applications, allowing you to effortlessly create and design your website. This addon is meticulously developed using properly validated coding, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with the latest version of WordPress & Elementor.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, Element Pack empowers you to create professional and visually stunning websites without the complexities of coding. With its comprehensive set of features and user-friendly interface, Element Pack is a must-have addon for Elementor users who seek to elevate their web development endeavours.


Element Pack Elementor Addons Lite is available for Free at the WordPress.org plugin directory. 

Element Pack Pro – Visit Website / Ready Templates


We have listed the best elementor addons plugins to create a stunning website with an impressive visual appearance. 

So I hope now you have an idea about the basics of elementor addons for WordPress available in the market and how you can use them.

I was hoping you could choose one of the above addons for your website project, and don’t worry if you get confused about which one to choose. Just check whether the element or widget you need is available in that particular addon and review the number of active users and ratings who have installed the addon.

Additionally, if you want a learn more about the elementor page builder and elementor addon plugin then join our workshop on elementor page builder – 06 Day Elementor Workshop by Jackson Monichan.

If you know of any elementor addons that are best and not included in this list or missed anything to cover in basics, let us know in the comments, and we will include them in the list above when we update this article.

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    I want to check The Plus mainly because of the Section blocks.

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