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How to add a news ticker widget

Know-How To Add A News Ticker using Exclusive Elementor Addons

Don’t get misled by the name. Newsticker isn’t just for news. But the content you want to highlight.

There is always some information, news, posts, or content important over others. 

How about showing them in a stylish scrolling bar? Newsticker is the virtual scrolling display for your website.

We know live news ticker from TV channels. They display top headlines on the ticker. Nonetheless, you can add trendy news to your website. Making the website look lively.

For your WordPress site, it’s easy. You will find a lot of news ticker WordPress plugins. However, Elementor makes it more accessible.

In this new article, we will walk you through the process of adding a news ticker widget on a WordPress page using Elementor.

 News Ticker WordPress plugins 

Those days are long over when WordPress websites used to be boring and traditional. Now, you can do anything with WordPress sites. Making web design more exciting than before. You can play with your web design with just some clicks and drag and drop.

Dynamic optionalities like news ticker will make your site feel more friendly and alive. And you will find a good number of plugins to add this feature to your WordPress site.

Not a recommendation or a ranking, these are just listed a few of the popular news ticker WordPress plugins:

  1. Ditty News Ticker
  2. Pojo News Ticker
  3. PJ News Ticker
  4. T4B News Ticker
  5. Jquery news ticker

We are not going into their details, as this article is more focused on news ticker widgets for Elementor.

Add News Ticker to Website with Elementor

Elementor is famous for its extensive collection of widgets. An element you need to design a web page is to find that widget and drag & drop it to the required area.

However, adding a news ticker with Elementor isn’t that straightforward since there is no default news ticker widget for Elementor yet.

So, you have two ways to add a news ticker. 

1. Install a plugin, 2. Get a news ticker widget from a third-party addon.

news ticker widget

Install a plugin for Elementor

There are a few free news ticker plugins. To create a news ticker, you need to install a WordPress news ticker plugin. Follow the steps:


Firstly, in your WordPress dashboard, go Plugins and click to Add New.

Then on the Add Plugins page, you will find a search bar on the top right side. Search for a news ticker for Elementor. Remember, news ticker WordPress plugins and news ticker plugins for Elementor are different. So you have to mention Elementor while searching.

Anyway, in the search results, you will find a bunch of news ticker plugins for Elementor. Choose one from the list.


Now install the plugin you have chosen. After the plugin installation is complete, it will ask you to activate the plugin. Click the Activate button, and the news ticker plugin is ready to use.


Once activated, a new section or sub-menu will appear on your WordPress dashboard. The section or sub-menu is by the name after the plugin. You can configure the news ticker plugin settings from the section menu.

But how would you use it? It’s simple. If a news ticker plugin for Elementor is installed and activated on your site, then you can use it just like any other Elementor widget.

While you are editing a page with Elementor, go to the editor panel, where the list of widgets is available. Along with other widgets, you will find the news ticker widgets in the editor panel.

Like other Elementor widgets, you can drag & drop this widget, and you have the news ticker adder to your web page.

elementor news ticker widget example

Add a news ticker widget with a third-party Elementor addon.

Adding individual plugins for each task can overload your website. It may slow down the speed.

In this case, third-party Elementor Addons can come handy. They serve multiple purposes. These addons have a bundle of widgets. A lot of them have included a news ticker widget in their bundle of elementor addons.

In case you want to know more about What are Elementor addons, Check our article – 5 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress (Free & Premium).

Exclusive Addons, Happy Addons, Essential Addons, PowerPack Elements, Crocoblocks are the well-known Elementor addons that come with the News Ticker widget.

Check the additional widgets and their demos offered by – Exclusive Addons

To use an Elementor addon, you have to follow the same procedure of adding a plugin. Once you have installed and activated the addon plugin, you will get access to all the widgets they have. That includes the News Ticker widget. 

While editing a page or post with Elementor, you can find the widget from the left-hand side elementor editor widget panel. Please drag & drop the widget and add it to your design.


A scrolling news ticker can surely spark the interest of your user. Displaying News flash, highlighted posts or important announcements in a stylish way is very effective to catch attention.

Adding a plugin or using a third-party addon, either way, adding a scroll new ticker is easy. So, make sure you are running with the trend, including the latest scroll news ticker features that make your website more dynamic and trendy. 


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