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Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Program

Become An Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate & Get Profits Shared

Hello Everyone

Throughout the day we get many messages and WhatsApp forwards starting from good morning quotes to the good night graphics. Apart from these quotes and messages, many of us share good knowledge and articles with others people in their individual communities.

Do you also love to share good and beneficial things with your friends, family, near and dear ones around you?

What if I tell you with your simple share, you can earn some profits and commissions for yourself. Yes, you heard it right!!

If you are interested and would you love to earn some profits and commissions while sharing something beneficial to the people around you?

Then, ​I have some exciting news to share with you.

I (Jackson Monichan) is thrilled to be finally launching the Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Program for the 06 Day Elementor Workshop and other workshops we will conduct in the future.

Become An Learn WP Tutorials' Affiliate, Get The Profits Shared!

It got me a little longer, but I have managed to set up a simple, robust and effective system that will now allow you to refer your friends, family, colleagues, or anybody interested in learning through live workshops. 

Our Unique & Valuable Workshops Include:

  • 06 Day Elementor Workshop – Learn to design beautiful pages, posts in WordPress using Elementor Page Builder.
  • 02 Day Canva Workshop – Learn to design unique and stunning graphics & videos for your social media, website, print, etc…
  • 09 Day WooCommerce Workshop – Learn to create an E-Commerce Website and start selling your products on your online store managed by you itself.
  • And Many more advanced workshops coming up soon.

You can check all the reviews we have received so far here on this page: Elementor Workshop Reviews so that you are confident of what you are selling or sharing with your communities. 

6 Cool Reasons To Join Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Team

  1. Part Of An Awesome Community – Feel great as you promote the most popular Elementor Tutorial Workshop.
  2. Get Profits Paid Every Month – With timely payouts, we assure quick earnings for each referral.
  3. We Love To Help You Earn More – We ensure you have everything you need with marketing essentials.
  4. Real-Time Tracking – Track referrals in real-time through the Affiliate dashboard.
  5. Trusted And Loved By Users – Lower/Zero refund requests ensure that you won’t lose commission.
  6. We Value Your Efforts – A cookie life of 30 days ensures you earn for your efforts.

How Much Can You Earn with Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Program?

The most important question that everyone wants to know when they join Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Program or any other affiliate program! 

Let’s take the example of the 06 Day Elementor Workshop for easy understanding.

Our 06 Day Elementor Workshop currently sells at ₹2899, and by referring to your friends, you make an incredible 20%, i.e. ₹580 per sale. Your earning increases with your reach.

5 Referrals X ₹580 = ₹2,900/-
10 Referrals X ₹580 = ₹5,800/-
20 Referrals X ₹580 = ₹11,600/-
50 Referrals X ₹580 = ₹29,000/-

It’s a Win-Win for all! 

Your audience gets a classy product, you get an impressive 20% commission, and we get a new sale. And we are happy when we all grow together. 

Above this, we run timely bonuses. Do check our emails, which we will be sending once you sign up as a Learn WP Tutorials affiliate. You can earn bonus income above the one’s mentioned above.

Start Earning In 3 Simple Steps!

  1. Sign up: Register for the affiliate program and create your unique referral links from your account.
  2. Spread the word: Share and promote the various workshops which we conduct on multiple platforms.
  3. Get paid: Enjoy the happiness of earning 20% on every signup for the workshops!

​Every time somebody joins the workshop through your referral link, the system will notify you about it via email and also, you can track everything in the affiliate area. 

And Yes, I understand that your visitors might not convert instantly. So, Learn WP Tutorials offers a 30-day long tracking cookie to ensure you get the commission for the sale you have referred.

The next Elementor workshop is starting 20th September 2021, so you have plenty of time to go out there and promote it on your social media, email, WhatsApp and everywhere. (Please Don’t Spam!)

Step by Step Sign-up Process of Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Program.

Sign Up

You can sign up as our affiliate: Click Here to Register Now for the Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Program.

Register for Affiliate Program of Learn WP Tutorials

Fill in basic details like Name, username, email, password, how will you promote etc.

Once you signup, it will go for a review. We will review your details and how you will promote us and accept or reject the registration.

You can check the below screenshot of the same.

Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Area - Pending Approval


Once you get approved as our affiliate, on login, you can see your personalised affiliate area which will be your command centre.

Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Area - Approval Accepted

Affiliate Area

The Affiliate Area is divided into multi sections/tabs:

Affiliate URL’s Tab

The most informative details over here are:

Your affiliate id is: 101 (Whatever you see in your dashboard will be your unique id, please don’t share with anyone else.)

Your referral URL: If you check the screenshot, it shows the link of our elementor workshop landing page with our unique affiliate id appended into it. Similarly, you can use your unique link to share on your platforms to promote our Elementor Workshop.

(The default product chosen is the Elementor Workshop Landing Page link because it is one of the best selling workshops we have)

Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Area - Affiliate URL Tab

Apart from this, let’s say you want to promote the 02 Day WooCommerce Workshop or the Canva Workshop, then you have the option of Referal URL Generator.

Referral URL Generator

You, as an Affiliate, can enter any URL of our Learn WP Tutorials website in the Page URL field and click Generate URL. Your affiliate ID or username will be automatically integrated, and you will get a new & unique referral affiliate link that you can copy and share anywhere to promote us.

Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Area - Generate URL

The campaign name is an optional field that you can use to track the different campaigns you might be promoting. Campaign name will help you see where you should focus your marketing efforts for maximum sales and referrals. Some examples of campaign names an affiliate may use are: “Summer email”, “Twitter August”, “Facebook mega sale”, “Winter offer”, and so on.

Statistics Tab

Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Area - Stats Tab

Here you can check the unpaid referrals, paid referrals, number of people visited through your link, conversions and the commission rate you will be paid. Even you can check the various campaigns you have done and how many visited using that link and got converted.

Graphs Tab

affiliate area graphs

Here you can check the graphs and get more details day by day related to the earnings.

Referrals Tab

This tab shows you information about the referrals you have received. The date, product and amount are visible here.

Visits Tab 

Affiliate area visits tab

Here you can check the link of your referring campaign and source of traffic and whether converted or not. A visit will be recorded when a visitor lands on your website after clicking on an affiliate referral URL.

Order Details Tab

Here you can check the details of the customer who has purchased or signed up and for which workshop has the user signed up with Learn WP Tutorials. Apart from this, we will also email the affiliate the order details when the referral is received.

Payouts Tab

Here you can check the payouts you would have received so far and what is pending to be credited to your bank account.

Creatives Tab

All our marketing collaterals will be uploaded here, which you can use to promote our workshops. You can create your graphics as well to promote the workshop. Just make sure you take approval by sending it to [email protected] so that we can check if it adheres to our standard of procedures, terms and conditions, etc…

So now you have all the necessary details needed about the Learn WP Tutorials’ Affiliate Program.

What You Can Do To Promote:

  • Promote 06 Elementor Workshop and other workshops On Social Media
  • Write About Workshops conducted by Learn WP Tutorials On Your Blogs And Articles.
  • Create Elementor Workshop Video Review and published on your blog or YouTube channel and share your referral link through it.
  • You can Place The Learn WP Tutorials Logo On Your Website with a referral link to our website.
  • Place The Elementor & Other Workshop Banners On Your Website
  • Send Your Affiliate Link To Your Subscribed Email Subscribers.

What You Can’t Do to Promote:

  • Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link by Learn WP Tutorials On Coupon & Deal Sites.
  • Don’t False Advertise about Elementor or Any Other Workshops Conducted by Learn WP Tutorials In Any Manner…
  • Don’t Change Our Logos. 
  • If you want to use your banner, then please get it approved by us.
  • Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link For Your Purchases.
  • Don’t Offer Unofficial Discount & Coupon Codes.
  • Don’t Spam On Social Media Channels.

You can also check the FAQ’s here about the Affiliate Program by Learn WP Tutorials – Click Here.

So Ready to make money by promoting a product that everyone loves? 

Jump in & Register today for Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Program and make money with simple and easy promotions.

Register for Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate ProgramClick Here

Let’s go & Let the referring begin!!

Also if you have any questions regarding the Learn WP Tutorials Affiliate Program, feel free to put them in the comments section below, and I will be more than happy to answer them. (I read all the comments received on our website).


Jackson Monichan
Founder, Trainer at Learn WP Tutorials

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