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100+ Existing students trust Learn WP Tutorials and the 06 Day Elementor Workshop, making Learn WP Tutorials’ Affiliate Program one of the best in the market. We work really hard to make Elementor Workshop the revolutionary and practical workshop that it is. With the kind of quality content, the 06 Day Elementor Workshop practically sells itself helping you to get excellent conversion rates.

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02 Day Canva Workshop

Learn to Create Professional & Engaging Social Media Content Effectively with this Hands-On-Workshop using Canva.
Learn Secrets from My 3+ Year of Learnings & Experience in Canva, which will help you level up your graphic content creation game.
It’s going to be Valuable, Informative & Worth the Investment.

06 Day Elementor Workshop

Learn & Master how to create a Professional WordPress Website using the Elementor Page Builder to build amazing pages and implement a great design on your WordPress website. Elementor gives you complete control to design and create the site you’ve always wanted, without any restrictions—all the above with No Coding knowledge.

09 Day WooCommerce Workshop

Learn & Master how to create a Professional Ecommerce Store on your WordPress Website. WooCommerce gives you complete control to design and create the e-commerce site you’ve always wanted, without any restrictions—all the above with No Coding knowledge. This Workshop will give you complete knowledge about the woocommerce plugin.

Reviews of our Workshops

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Rajni Mehta Chaturvedi
Rajni Mehta Chaturvedi
Excellent Mentoring Style I recently got the chance to learn core concepts of SEO under the guidance of Jackson Sir. His way of handling questions and answering in the simplest way was the best part of learning. He guided us through this journey of 10 weeks though Q&A sessions for every assignment we got. His way of explaining things in the easiest way possible made this journey smooth and easy for those who were new to SEO. Not only he was available to help us solve the Assignments but also he remained active in community group to solve our queries in the first go. Thankyou So much Sir!!
vikas singh
vikas singh
Jackson is an exceptional instructor with extensive expertise in SEO, website design, and Elementor. His teaching style is hands-on, and I'm fortunate to have him as a mentor. I enthusiastically endorse his SEO and Elementor workshops.
Thota Anjani
Thota Anjani
He is good in teaching and explain everything very easily.. i suggest he is good explainer
Kailas S Bhat
Kailas S Bhat
Highly knowledgeable, very patient and addressed my queries clearly. I have been part of an upskilling workshop and Jackson was a co-mentor there. He handled the Q&A sessions exceptionally well! Eagerly waiting for his highly reviewed Elementor sessions. A detailed review after that!
Paurnima Das
Paurnima Das
Amazing learning experience regarding SEO course. All doubts are taken into consideration
Ramesh V
Ramesh V
Exceptional SEO and Elementor Mentor I recently had the pleasure of attending Jackson Sir's SEO classes, and I must say, his teaching style is excellent. Jackson Sir has a knack for simplifying the concepts of SEO, making it accessible even for beginners. His patience is truly commendable; he takes the time to address every question, no matter how small, ensuring that everyone in the class grasps the concepts thoroughly. I also had the opportunity to attend Jackson Sir's elementor classes, where his expertise in website design and development shone through. His knowledge in these areas adds a valuable layer to the SEO learning experience, providing a holistic understanding of online presence. In an era where anyone can share knowledge, Jackson Sir stands out not only for his expertise but also for his kindness and soft-spoken demeanor. He goes the extra mile to ensure that each student's doubts, whether minor or major, are patiently addressed. Learning from him is not just educational but also a delightful experience. If you're seeking a mentor who not only possesses deep knowledge but also embodies kindness and patience, I highly recommend learning from Jackson Sir. His valuable teachings in SEO and Elementor have been instrumental in my learning journey. A heartfelt thank you to Jackson Sir for sharing your expertise and making the learning process enjoyable and enriching.
Anu Moudgil
Anu Moudgil
Jackson is an amazing trainer, highly knowledgeable in SEO, website designing and Elementor. He has a hands on approach towards teaching. I am glad to have him as a mentor. I highly recommend his SEO and Elementor Workshops.
Kelvin K
Kelvin K
Jackson makes learning SEO fun and understandable. No matter the question, he is patient and give clear answers, making the whole experience great for everyone. I appreciate how he makes complicated SEO topics easy to grasp.
rabiya shiragumpi
rabiya shiragumpi
The way Jackson simplifies the things and explains is super awesome.
Mohd Muqtadir
Mohd Muqtadir
Exceptional SEO and WordPress training with Jackson! His in-depth knowledge, engaging teaching style, and real-world examples made the learning experience enjoyable and highly valuable.

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We share a 20% commission on any sale generated through your affiliate link.

We make monthly payouts via Manual Payment through UPI/NEFT/IMPS. You will need to send your UPI ID or bank details on [email protected] to receive your commissions.

Payouts are processed in the first week of every month for all those sales referred to us that are older than 30 days and exceed ₹999. For example: If we’re processing the payout on 02nd July 2023; we make the payment of all referrals sent before 15th June 2023.

Yes, Payouts are processed in the first week of every month for all those sales referred to us that exceed ₹999. We choose not to deal with any lower amounts.

All sales are tracked using the visitor’s IP address and the use of cookies. We understand that visitors might not convert instantly. So, we offer a 30-day long tracking cookie to ensure you get the commission for the sale you have referred.

Easy! Once we approve your application, you will receive a unique affiliate link inside your affiliate dashboard and access to our marketing kit. All you need to do is place the banners in your product reviews and on your website with the affiliate links. Each time you refer a new customer to us and that customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

We offer a real-time affiliate dashboard where you can track all the visits, referrals, and conversions easily.

No. Affiliates are not allowed to buy through their own affiliate link. The aim of our affiliate program is very simple, which is to encourage partners to spread the word about our products and earn commissions for doing so, rather than offering discounts for their own purchase.

The ideal way to promote is by offering genuine recommendations of the product. Using the marketing kit that’s provided, create your own campaigns to promote it via email, social media, and so on. We are against any kind of spamming and methods that violate the FTC guidelines. For more details and clarifications on the same, please feel free to get in touch with us.

We would advise that your customers buy their own product using your affiliate link.

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