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How to become SEO Expert

How to Become SEO Expert in 2021 – Know Top Required Practical Skills


SEO is one of the most needed skillsets out there in the market sought by many businesses. SEO improves the organic traffic, visibility in the search engines, and leads and sales that follow with it.

Do you wish to make a career as an SEO Specialist? Or Do you want to know how to become an SEO Expert? No Problem, even if you are just a consultant right now or just starting in the world of SEO… 

In this article, we will be helping you understand all the specific and practical skills to be victorious and to get the position you want in 2021 to become an SEO Expert.

Who is an SEO Expert?

An SEO (search engine optimisation) Expert or Specialist is the one who optimises a particular website or blog intending to improve the website rankings on various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

He should generate more organic traffic through the search engine queries and get the website ranked on search engine result pages (SERP’s). 

An SEO expert is also commonly known as an SEO Specialist, SEO Consultant, SEO Professional or SEO Marketing Specialist.

There is no formal education or a university degree for this job position. This job position has come into existence with the growing technological advancements in the Internet and the booming of internet marketing. 

Some Quick Facts in SEO World:

Every Year SEMrush Academy conducts worldwide research to analyse the skills needed by employers. As a result, the skills employers look for in candidates they are hiring for SEO expert positions.

Recently, In 2021, SEMrush Academy analysed around 3000 SEO vacancies on Monster, Indeed and LinkedIn platforms. And Out of the 3000 vacancies, the significant number of jobs reviewed were from locations like India and the USA, having 1000+ job offers each and others being UK, Canada, and Australia.

They reviewed job vacancies for SEO Managers and SEO Specialists to understand the top skills required by an SEO Expert in India, the USA, Canada, Australia and other places worldwide.

And as a result of the above research, the most required practical skills on becoming an SEO expert or what an SEO expert should know are the following:

The Most Required Skills to Become SEO Expert in SEO Industry for 2021 are:

  • Keyword Research – 42%
  • Google Tools (GA & GSC) – 37%
  • Technical SEO – 34%
  • Link Building – 32%
  • CSS + HTML – 26%
  • On-Page SEO – 23%
  • Javascript – 17%
  • Mobile SEO – 11%
  • Data Analysis – 8%

The above data were the employer’s requirements mentioned in the job description and offers on average. It was calculated in percentage of the above skills by the number of mentions in the total number of SEO job descriptions and SEO offers. 

Top Required Skills to Become SEO Expert in India for 2021 are:

  • Google tools (GA and GSC) 47% 
  • Link Building 47%
  • Keyword Research 46%
  • On-page SEO 38%
  • CSS+ HTML 37%
  • Technical SEO 20%
  • JavaScript 13%
  • Mobile SEO 13%
  • Data Analysis 8%
  • Local SEO 7%

Who can become an SEO Expert?

Anyone. Yes, Anyone who is a bit tech-savvy can learn and become an SEO Expert. 

Search Engine Optimisation is a must-skills to be learned for those who already have their blogs, individual websites, e-commerce business, or those interested in doing an affiliate marketing business. If you understand and learn this SEO skill, you can make a good living for yourself in today’s world. 

Now to the main question, i.e. how to become an SEO Expert? I would say by ‘Practice’. Yes, practice is the only way to be an SEO expert and gain more knowledge. By doing a project for yourself, i.e. with your blog or with your clients’ live projects, you can gain more practise and learn and be an SEO specialist. For first-hand experience, there are many online workshops, courses, and resources you can follow to strengthen your skills.

How to become an SEO Expert?

To get started with your SEO journey and become an SEO Expert, here are some of the top things you should do as a beginner.

  1. You can begin with taking introductory SEO courses freely available there in the market to make a foundation for yourself.
  2. Start subscribing to various SEO blogs and articles to know the latest news and updates in the SEO World like Search Engine JournalSemRush AcademySearch Engine Land, etc.
  3. Follow the prominent and Top SEO Professionals and Top SEO Experts in India and around the world like Rand FishkinNeil PatelBrian DeanDanny SullivanSanjay Shenoy, etc.
  4. When you start following these SEO journals and SEO Professionals, you will get notifications about the latest workshops and webinars. Go ahead and attend these webinars; they are value bombs and almost like a paid course.
  5. Also, apart from the courses and videos, you can tune in to podcasts to learn from other experts in the field. Examples are Voices of SearchThe Search Engine Journal Show, SEO 101, etc. Find the Top 17 SEO Podcasts for 2021.
  6. Next is to Get your Domain, Hosting and Create your Website on WordPress and Start Practicing all these learnings one by one. If you want to learn how to design your WordPress Website, then you can check the 06 Day Elementor Page Building Workshop.
  7. Also, remember to look into your mistakes and keep changing the methods because SEO is evolving and algorithms keep changing, but understand the core of SEO and let whatever happen with algorithms; the success will be yours.

As said above, the base to become an SEO Specialist is through enough practice and learning the subset skills required in SEO. Most of the necessary things to learn and become an SEO Expert are available in the market for free at various places like articles and blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. 

SEO Expert Tips Roadmap For Beginners
The above image was created by Crazy Egg for LearnWPTutorials.com

Where to find the Best SEO Program to become an SEO Expert?

Now there is a revolutionary way to learn SEOA Practical Method of Doing SEO and Learning SEO + Earning cashback for taking action.

I know it’s hard to believe, but there is a kind of workshop where you are paid cashback to learn and do SEO. It is High-Intensity Incentivised Training (HIIT) for SEO by Sanjay Shenoy.

In this exceptional program, you get to learn a concept in SEO every week, and then you will be given tasks to complete. You are incentivised to complete each assignment after the session with a cashback that elevates you towards fantastic progress. 

This program will pull you out of your comfort zone and make you do things you never thought you could in the SEO World.

This program is for:

  • Students who want to add practical skills to their resumes.
  • The Content writers who wish to get a subsidiary skill.
  • Bloggers who want to drive targeted traffic from Search Engines like Google SERPs.
  • Digital Marketers who want to see concrete and growing results for their clients.
  • Affiliate marketers who want to gain maximum advantage using SEO
  • Business owners who want to generate more business in the long run.
  • Professionals who desire to jump careers.
  • Homemakers who want to be productive and independent
  • Retirees who want to have an impressive second innings

What you will learn in HIIT SEO:

  1. Basics of SEO: Learn the basics of SEO like How SEO Engines Works, setting up Google Search Console, Google Analytics & Alerts, etc.
  2. Keyword Research: Learn to do advanced keyword research and competitor check together with keyword difficulty check while finding new potential keywords.
  3. On-Page SEO: Learn to optimise your website page content according to relevant keywords for search engines and user experience.
  4. Technical SEO: Learn about site architecture, page speed, sitemaps, robots.txt, structured data or schema tags, etc.
  5. Off-Page SEO: Learn the activities to perform outside your website to increase authority, i.e. creating backlinks, anchor text ratio, earning backlinks, etc.
  6. Local SEO: Optimising your online presence for attracting the people nearby you in the offline world. Create your gmb profile and learn to rank in the Google Maps pack. Learn to create a citation with NAP consistency.
  7. Mobile & Voice SEO: Learn optimising website for mobile-first indexing, AMP, Optimise content for voice SEO
  8. Video SEO: Learn how to optimise your videos for YouTube SEO.
  9. Site Audit & Strategy: Learn to conduct SEO Audits for any website, build an SEO strategy from scratch, and learn to create an SEO proposal.

Above all this, on completion of the program, you get a Blockchain Verified Certificate of Completion. You can now flaunt the certificate and website you created during the program as your portfolio for applying for a job or help in your freelancing journey. By the end of this program, I am sure you will start seeing the results of your efforts during the ten weeks of the program.

In the HIIT SEO program, the most required skills by an SEO Expert is taught with hands-on practice and a cashback reward model.

Apply for HIIT SEO Today itself.

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